Our purpose


Foremost, we wanted to bring to the public view examples of works of artists which cannot be found on any other website. With the exception of our Henry Ryland work, which appears on Julia Kerr’s wonderful website “ArtMagick”, none of the other paintings can be found on the web (as far as we know). We have been too often frustrated, while researching a particular artist, by not being able to find numerous examples for the sake of comparison, especially where lesser known artists or less marketed artists are concerned. To this end, we have decided to open our collection in the hope that some other frustrated collector might gain further insight, or see one more example of a work by the artist he is interested in at the time.

Our second purpose is to open a channel for dialog with other collectors and lovers of fine 19th century art. We are always interested to speak with and share the knowledge we have gained while building our collection with others of a similar ilk. Many of our paintings come with quite wonderful stories behind them (we are sure that all of them do, but only some have been revealed to us). Thus, if you should have any questions about any of the paintings on view, their makers or subject, or have any information to offer us, please do not hesitate to contact us. We may be able to help you with some information, and perhaps you can help us. (Please see our “Seeking” category on the home page).

Another purpose is to provide a small diversion for those who just love the look of a good 19th century painting. Please be our guests and enjoy the collection.

As with most collections, ours is a dynamic one. Some works stay for years, some will pass to our children for continued love and care, while others are only brief visitors, which brighten up our lives with their beauty for a time and then pass on to do the same for others.