About us


We are a couple who found ourselves gravitating more and more to art museums and art websites. This fascinating pastime soon developed into a great love for 19th century art. Although neither one of us has a degree in art history, we found ourselves in the process of learning amazing amounts by reading, viewing good art whenever and wherever possible and talking to people with similar interests.

Our collection started with a “brave” purchase from a gallery. It was a big step for us at the time. However, once there is a really good piece of art on the wall, all the rest pale in comparison. Thus, a collection is born, slowly and painstakingly. Each artist is researched, and each painting becomes a part of you.

Over the years, our love for the art has grown, and the collection has grown with it. Our sources are many and varied: galleries, auction houses (well-known and also small local houses) estate sales, other private collections and yes, even the internet has brought some of our favorite works.

We have traveled to many places to gain more knowledge, view paintings, or just to lovingly transport one home after a transaction has been made. Whole new worlds and experiences have been opened to us through our quests : Britain, Sweden, The Netherlands, Belgium and Russia – each place has it’s own secrets to share, it’s own particular kind of art. There is always more to see and learn.

The internet is our most invaluable tool… bringing art and art lovers together from all over the world.

We hope you will enjoy our site.